Now we are 10

Our 10 year anniversary

Valletta not long ago was a rather neglected place. The vibrancy and life that we now enjoy has really only come about in the past ten years. We are proud to have been part of that process. So it was fitting that in 2014 we should celebrate our tenth year by having a street party that captures the spirit of our city and our sense of fun.

We are from Valletta and we are determined to help in the promotion of the city in any way. We help the under 17s football, we are a favourite with locals celebrating feasts and festivals. Locals, business people, workers and politicians all rub shoulders with visitors and friends alike.

We are a family run neighbourhood bistro with a huge welcome for all our visiting friends from foreign parts. Indeed we retain our original concept and will always do so. We doubt we would be allowed to change if we wanted to. And we all know if we are called we can always say “I’m at the Office”.

Everybody comments on our eclectic interior. This has developed over the years as we gather ornaments from all over the Mediterranean and further afield.